Welcome to the Organic Shepherdess

Welcome to the Organic Shepherdess blog!  I am Toni and have been passionate about organic living for all my adult life. I used to be considered ‘quirky’ (or worse!) for refusing to use weedkillers and bug sprays in my garden, relying instead on organic methods. I am so pleased that organic living is starting to become the norm and I have been joined by so many like-minded people .

So, welcome, like-minded people! If you want to embrace the organic life, this blog is for you.

I will be posting ideas, thoughts and tips weekly, with topics ranging from how to make organic skincare, growing your own food organically, caring for your animals without using unnecessary chemicals, to the science behind ecological issues.

Oh, and one more thing. Each week there will be a contribution from one of the crew – The Last Word! 

See you Monday!

Monday’s post will be about “How to make your own organic skincare” and the Last Word will be from Adge the Alpaca.

Author: Toni

I am mad about organic living, and want to share with you my thoughts, ideas and tips about living the organic way. You don't need lots of land, money or time - just passion! We have a smallholding where we practice organic principles in caring for our animals and growing our own fruit and veggies. We have a small flock of rare and native breeds of sheep, 3 alpaca boys and a small flock of bantam hens. Our sheep and alpacas donate their fleeces once a year at shearing, and our bantams donate delicious organic and free-range eggs (in a variety of colours!). As a vegetarian, neither the sheep nor hens are ever on the menu!

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